Why the rest of Canada is glad they don’t live in Alberta right now

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Alberta is a beautiful province with wide open spaces, stunning vistas, and the majestic Rockies.

But right now, most Canadians are probably very happy that they’re nowhere near the province.

Instead of easing into the last days of summer, parts of southwestern Alberta are experiencing a winter wonderland.

It’s summer. And she’s wearing a winter coat. Only in Canada.

This dog from California seems pretty happy. But just wait until it’s February.

Don’t worry sunflowers: We’re not happy about it either. You can sulk.

Great. Now Americans are going to think our summers look like THIS. We’ll never get the NFL up here.

Don’t get too attached to him, kid.

Harvest moon may have been on Monday, but this tractor won’t be harvesting anything anytime soon.

This probably isn’t a good time to go camping.

Look! Camoflauge!

Trees collapsing due to snow. In summer. That’s just wrong.

The good news for those in the winter wonderland is that summer is just around the corner: Highs into the low 20s are expected by the start of next week.

And take heart, Calgary. At least you didn’t call in the army.

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