Selling Acadia Park military homes in blocks was the best choice: councillor

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MONCTON – A Moncton city councillor says the federal government’s plan to sell off local military houses in large blocks could benefit the community.

Coun. Charles Leger said given the fact most of the homes in Acadia Park have been vacant for years, selling them in blocks is the best option.

“We can’t go back six years ago when things started to wind down in this area,” he said. “We’re faced with it now and I think what we’re trying to come together with is something that can work.”


Acadia Park includes 74 military homes, two vacant lots and one building zoned for residential use. The homes are set to start hitting the market in January.

The Department of National Defence and Public Works and Government Services Canada recently released details of its plan to residents living near the homes.

Residents had been worried about what could happen if the homes went up for sale all at once or ended up as low-income housing.

Last week, they heard the federal government plans to sell off the properties to developers in blocks and in four-week segments.

The government says selling them this way reduces the impact on local home sellers.

Leger says selling to developers could benefit the surrounding the area.

“They might remodel the homes and they might put them back on the market which might be a really good thing,” he said.

Homes that aren’t sold could be broken down and sold in smaller bundles.

Heather Merrett used to live in one of the homes and said they provide a good place to live, and they could still benefit families on a limited income.

“If they could get picked up at a reasonable rate people could make a nice family home out of them,” she said.

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