Rob Ford transferred to Mt. Sinai hospital for ‘subsequent treatment’

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TORONTO- Mayor Rob Ford has been transferred to Mt. Sinai Hospital from Humber River Regional Hospital for what officials are calling “follow-up investigation and subsequent treatment.”

“We did a CT scan and biopsy of the mass in the abdomen. We also did a CT of the chest and an ultrasound examination,” said Dr. Zane Cohen, an internationally recognized colorectal surgeon overseeing the clinical team for Ford. “Tomorrow (Friday) we need to do further examinations in the form of an MRI.”


Cohen added results from these examinations will not become available for approximately one week but says Ford is resting comfortably, surrounded by family.

Ford was first admitted to Humber River on Wednesday after complaining of abdominal pain that had persisted for “at least three months” but which had worsened in the past 24 hours, Dr. Rueben Devlin said in a press conference on Wednesday.

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Ford was admitted for further examination, at which time doctors established a working diagnosis of a tumour after doing a CT scan.

“The tumour is in his abdomen. It’s being investigated further to determine what type of tumour it is,” Devlin said.

Doug ford made a brief and emotional statement at the press conference where news of the tumour was announced.

“It saddens me that I have to be here today,” Doug told reporters.

He said Rob was in “good spirits” and asked that the family be given a few days to deal with the news.

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When asked if Ford plans to drop out of the mayoral race to focus on his health, Doug said “no comment.”

Recent polls have put Ford in second place among those surveyed, with John Tory in first and Olivia Chow in third.

Tory said he does not want to make any comments based on speculation but hopes Ford gets better and can continue his bid for mayor.

“I want whatever is ailing him to get fixed and I want him to be where he wants to be because he wants to be back at these debating tables,” said Tory. “You can see the passion and the joy he has for participating in these debates, for right or for wrong, in terms of his points of view.”

As of Thursday afternoon, neither candidate has publically stated exactly how Ford’s health will affect the election going forward.

Tory has told Global News that his campaign “will continue with their plans and planned events.”

Olivia Chow has postponed a campaign announcement today and has not yet stated when it will be held.

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Both candidates have also announced they will be speaking at an 8 p.m. on Thursday at 28 Distillery Lane.

At City Hall, a spokesperson for Ford gave a brief statement today, calling it business as usual at the mayor’s office.

“We are dealing with the constituents who are calling us, helping Toronto residents, and doing the work of the mayor’s office as we were,” said Amin Massoudi, communications and media relations for Ford. “There has been a lot of calls coming in, a lot of support and again, we are grateful for that but we have to ask for some privacy for the family.”

Ford has been hospitalized twice before during his mayoralty: For a kidney stone in 2011 and once with asthma problems in 2012.

He also had a tumour removed from his appendix while he was a councillor in 2009.

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