Questions hang over Winnipeg school zone speeding tickets

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WINNIPEG – City and police officials weren’t doing interviews Wednesday to answer questions about the legality of tickets issued in school zones.

Global News reported Tuesday that the city is still in the process of documenting the locations of school zone speed limit signs in its bylaw, as required by provincial legislation. So what about tickets issued to speeders since police began enforcing the new 30 kilometre per hour limit on Sept. 1?



  • City still putting finishing touches on some school zones

    “The relevance for motorists who have been ticketed will be determined by (police) and the courts,” city spokesperson Lisa Fraser wrote in an email to Global News Wednesday.

    Neither the city or police service would not make officials available for on-camera interviews Wednesday.

    Speeding tickets have only been issued so far in school zones where all the documentation is complete, Winnipeg police spokeswoman Det. Sgt. Natalie Aitken said in an email to Global News Tuesday. In the school zones where the paperwork is not yet complete it’s “unlikely officers will issue a ticket in those zones at this time unless the speed is excessive,” Aitken said.

    But officials admitted the whole school zone speed limit bylaw is still a work in progress.

    “The city is in the process of finalizing the documentation of the locations for inclusion in the city’s bylaw. We anticipate submission of a report to council for this month’s meeting,” Fraser said Wednesday.

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