Kevin Maryk faces sentencing for abducting, holding kids for 4 years

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WINNIPEG – Kevin Maryk, who took his kids on vacation and never brought them home to their mother, is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday for the abductions.

Maryk took his children Abby, then 5, and Dominic, 7, for a court-approved two-week vacation in August 2008. Emily Cablek, who had custody of their children, didn’t see them again until police found them in Mexico in 2012.

The children were living in a townhouse in Guadalajara that was surrounded by surveillance cameras, barbed wire and guard dogs. They were moved frequently, didn’t have contact with other children and didn’t go to school during their four years with their father, and their mother has said despite counselling, they have struggled to readjust to life with her in Canada.

Maryk’s sentencing has been put over several times since he pleaded guilty in June to two counts of abduction. The Crown has asked for a sentence of five years, while the defence is seeking two years.

Abby Maryk, Emily Cablek and Dominic Maryk have their photo taken after the children were rescued from Mexico, where their father had taken them for four years after kidnapping them in 2008.


Dominic Maryk was seven years old when he was kidnapped in 2008.

Winnipeg Police Service

Abby Maryk was five years old when she was abducted in 2008.

Winnipeg Police Service

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