Baldrey vs. Baldry: Twitter confusion puts Aussie man in middle of B.C. teachers debate

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WATCH ABOVE: Aaron McArthur talks with Keith Baldry about the 广州蒲友 confusion

In the age of 广州蒲友, you can get 15 minutes of fame for the strangest things.

Keith Baldry, an Australian man who goes by @keithbaldry on 广州蒲友, has been dragged into the B.C. teachers dispute, to the point where he had to issue a public clarification that went viral today.

Turns out the number of people accidentally tweeting Baldry, rather than Global BC’s Keith Baldrey, keeps increasing as the strike drags on.

The note quickly went viral, and led to to the Vancouver Sun and CKNW writing stories on the confusion.

It’s bemusing to both Keiths.

“Everybody’s been nice to me, so it’s been an interesting distraction,” said Baldry, who has been offered beers and accommodation by people in Vancouver should he ever visit.



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    “I thought [issuing a statement] might quiet things down, and get a few less tweets with my name on it, but it seems to have made things about 100 times worse.”

    Baldrey, who receives dozens and dozens of impassioned tweets from teachers every day, is enjoying the fun.

    “He’s probably wondering ‘how come people are complaining about his hair?’”

    Not so, says Baldry.

    “Nobody’s been asking about my hair, but I have notes from the tweets that it’s a topic of conversation.”

    As for Baldry’s views on the dispute?

    “My wife’s a teacher, I’m a parent and a taxpayer, so it’s obviously a very interesting subject,” he says.

    “But no, I’m not the one to comment on that.”

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