7 reasons why we shouldn’t be sad summer is over

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MONTREAL —; The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and that crispy chill in the air is just a sneaky reminder that summer is wrapping up and autumn is on its way.

But don’t despair!

With the countless festivals our city hosted, Montreal was the perfect place to be this summer.

Although they say all good things must come to an end, why should they?


Here are seven reasons why we shouldn’t be sad summer is over:

1. Apple season

No not the #AppleEvent announcing the latest Apple products. We’re talking Apple pie, apple crisp and apple sauce! Fall is the season for apple picking and Quebec is blessed with dozens of orchards/vergers a stone’s throw away from Montreal. It’s definitely a great full-day family activity and a healthy one too!

MAP: Popular orchards near you

2. Leaves

Autumn foliage is without a doubt a mesmerizing sight. In what feels like a blink of an eye, the trees transform from green into burst of fiery shades of red and yellow. It just gives us an excuse to go out for a stroll in one of our many parks around the city. What’s more, there’s just something delightful about that crunchy noise you hear when you step on the fallen leaves.

GALLERY: Top places to appreciate the colours of the season in Montreal

The Morgan Arboretum in Ste. Anne de Bellevue is a great place for a walk.

Friends of the Morgan Arboretum

Watch Montreal’s Botanical Gardens glow in the dark during the Gardens of Light Festival which runs until November 2, 2014.

Aalia Adam / Global News

Watch Montreal’s Botanical Gardens glow in the dark during the Gardens of Light Festival which runs until November 2, 2014.

Martin Hazel / Global News

Fall is gorgeous in La Fontaine Park located in the Plateau of Montreal.

Lee Brown/ Images

Why not climb up Mont Royal to catch this breathtaking view of fall foliage?

Michael Boyle

3. Fall fashion

In terms of weather, fall is actually the ideal season: not too cold or too hot. This means it’s a great time to show off a wide variety of clothes which have been hidden away in your closet for the summer. You get to match the colour-changing leaves with different scarves and comfortable knit sweaters. Fall is also a great time for jackets! It’s perfect weather for every kind of fashionable coat, be it a trench coat, parka, poncho, leather jacket, jean jacket, faux-fur, in autumn, anything goes!

Montreal fashion blogger Camille DG with Lecahier广州桑拿网 says:

“There are no limits: hats, beanies, scarves, socks can really add a total new dimension to an outfit when they are chosen carefully.”

“My favourite part of fall fashion is the accessories. There are no limits,” Fashion blogger Camille DG told Global News.

Laurie-Anne Thuot

Fall fashion modelled during London Fashion Week.

isifa/Getty Images

Fall is a great time to whip out those jackets, coats and parkas.

Dynamite Clothing

Fall offers the ideal weather to go for a walk and show off your autumn outfits.

Getty Images

4. Daylight savings

Just when you thought there weren’t enough hours in the day… On the first Sunday of November, we get to “fall back” a whole 60 minutes. This essentially means we get to spend a whole extra hour doing what we love most —; or gain an extra hour for snoozing.

Daylight saving time can affect your internal clock.

Jessica Hromas/Getty Images

5. Halloween

Whether you’re an adult or a child, Halloween is by far one of the best holidays to celebrate. It’s the one time of year that regardless of your age, you get to eat candy and dress up however you want, without judgement. You can also take the opportunity to scare colleagues, tell scary stories and test your own limits by watching classic horror movies in the dark.

Rue the cat is dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween.


6. Habs

Despite all the colours autumn has to offer, the only three colours Montrealers keep near and dear to their hearts are Bleu-Blanc-Rouge! That’s right, the end of summer means kickstarting HABSnation. The Canadiens get back on the ice on Wednesday, Oct. 8 in Toronto against the Maple Leafs and the home opener will be on Thursday, Oct. 16 against the Boston Bruins. #GOHABSGO

Montreal Canadiens players and fans celebrate a winning goal.


7. Food

Okay, we’ve already mentioned all the apple dishes, but the harvest season has a cornucopia of delicious delicacies to offer. Pumpkin pie, Butternut squash, Soups, Sweet potatoes! Need we say more?

A cornucopia filled with autumn fruits and veg.

Getty Images

Traditional pumpkin pie.


Roasted butternut squash.

Sarka Babicka / Getty Images

If all of these reasons don’t convince you that fall is a beautiful time, here’s one last reason: pumpkin-spiced lattes.

Whipped cream floats on a pumpkin-spiced coffee.

Getty Images

When it’s all said and done, there’s no need to be sad because holiday season is right around the corner!

If that’s thinking too much ahead for you, well just thank your lucky stars you aren’t in Alberta!

#Snowtember in Calgary.

Courtesy Deanna Allen

What’s your favourite thing about autumn?

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